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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Nearly Portable Wargame

For a while now I have been collecting the numerous editions of Portable Wargames from The Portable Wargame Website.

On a visit to a cheap home-ware shop I picked up a cork board, which is actually double sided.
Yep two for the price of one.

One side I have painted brown/green. The other I plan to paint grey for an urban/city game.

Here are some photos of a 6mm Egypt V. Hittite game.

Egyptians at the top face Hittites

View behind Hittites facing Egyptians

Behind Egyptians facing monuments

Egyptians face Hittites, oasis may provide cover for skirmishers

All Change, 20mm WWII game.

British rifle unit (left) face a dug-in Luftwaffe filed division unit.

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