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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Welcome to my hole! Old west/mexican town

At last my old west town is complete (until I come across something that will have to be added).

Here are the pictures with info on the buildings etc.

For a detail explanation of the walls see my post Quick and slightly cheating adobe walls

The full splendour of Agujero

Town sign with notice to hand in all firearms. Agujero means hole in Spanish!

To the bottom left scratch built watering hole. Centre scratch built coral and lean-to shelter. complete with horse s#*t.

Scratch built blacksmith lean-to. table and tools from unknown manufacturer.

Centre bakers cottage (scratch built from cardboard craft box) and brad oven - see my post 'A bun in the oven?'  With donkey wheat/corn grinder behind.  To the right Marshall's office (scratch built from cheap wooden craft box). Above this is the farmers cottage with animal pen behind.

Inside Marshall's office.with scratch build bars - idea from Dungeon Crafter (DM Scotty) on you tube, check it out.  Notice board at front with wanted posters. All my buildings have no signs stuck onto them so I can use in different settings.

Farmers field to left, scratch built. Local church with priest. Graveyard - top left is original purchase and the rest scratch built expansion. Grave digger shack to the far right, again scratch built from cardboard craft box.

Inside of church. I have added doors and scratch built alter.

Canteena, with fountain out front and loo out back.

Grub up! inside of canteena.

Local store with ruined house to the right

Inside store. Don't think there coming to buy their 5 a day!

Old ruin house with town sign.

The rock formations and tree sections are all hand made.


  1. You have been very busy, and it shows up as very well done. Lots of neat structures and scenery to game through. The layout of the village says volumes to me about exciting scenarios waiting to be "lived out" in dusty old Hole. Enjoy.

  2. This looks wonderful, wonderfully put together and packed with detail.

  3. This is very cool....well done

    Great blog as well

  4. Great looking terrain, love your splendid buildings and details like the signs, very atmospheric...great pictures!