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Thursday, 7 March 2013

A bun in the oven?

As mentioned in a previous article - Here - I have been slowly building up an old  west/mexican town.
Which is nearly complete, apart from one building I must obtain from Frontline,   FLAT ROOF BUNGALOW WITH THATCHED PORCH.

Which I will use as a Marshall's offfice.

While painting a donkey powered grain mill by Arthitecs of War - See here.

Along with the millers scratch built dwelling (made from a card craft box - as seen in another wargamers blog, which I can't remember who and where).

I felt that an end product was needed, yes bread. Therefore needed a bread oven something like this.

Ever faithfull 'Milliput' to action and turned out this.

On the right is the wooden door and to left are to loaves of freshly backed bread, yum!
Inside believe me are glowing embers.
Not to happy with colour, may have to re-paint for the third time!