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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

"Anyone for a Castle Cornet & a flak?"

A recent weekend cruise found me, my son and a good friend at St Peter Port in Gurnsey. While the ladies were shopping.  We explored Castle Cornet.

Castle Cornet from the sea 

The mid-day salute

Very handy at close quarters!

German WW II flak emplacement 'plonked' on top of an Elizabethan bastion (with cruise ship in background).

A traversing gun. Notice gap cut in background (therefore unable to traverse!) This leads to German machine gun bunker.

Torpedoes, with self explanatory info!

Rifle Company swords and the infamous Baker rifle.

Part of the port and entrance to castle.

Closer view of battery.

Ammo storage for German guns.

Hand drawn range marker of church which corresponds to actual church on horizon (left of centre).

Close up of Hand drawn range marker.

German air raid bunker. Most given girls names!

Inner wall (left), muskateer firing steps (right) & Governors garden (foreground).

 Gurnsey soldiers in WW I.

One dead and one angry German - with an impressive anti-tank gun.

Took this mainly for reference when I eventually paint my VBCW Lewis gunners.

Arty, scenic tower shot.

18th  Century castle barracks.

And very large communal "piss-pot"

Medieval crossbow man.

Elizabethan gun crew.

German WW II flak gun.

Another view.

Love this poster. It's an idiots guide to British uniforms & insignia - for the German soldier.

Finaly to go with the flak gun are some Luftwaffe equipment.

Then of course to round it all off there was the castle shop, where I HAD to buy some books!

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