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Monday, 15 October 2012

Play Testing Needed

I have designed my own Wargame Random Event Cards - WREC.  I would appreciate it some of you would give them a go and leave any feed back.
All (I hope) is explained in the following document.



  1. A few quick comments having glanced at the cards:

    "Their over there, sir" should be "They're over there, sir"

    "Insert" not "incert".

    I'd recommend deleting the borders around the card backs. You'll never get the borders to line up front and back when you print out the cards.

    - Richard

  2. Cards have been up dated, thanks to Counterpane's suggestions. Have also included Counterpane in list of contributors/play testers.

  3. I think they are a very nice and good set of cards and should add favour to any game.

  4. Downloaded.

    I think they can be a nice addition to our games.

    Thank you.