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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Time to spare while the paint dries?

Recently I have started downloading and listening to podcasts.
I have found this excellant one;
Local Anaesthetic Podcast

It's format is that the two presenters Rob and Alex look at local newspapers where they live in East London, UK and their home towns. They also ask the listeners to email in web links to their local news stories.
Some of the stories are hilarious, some are not even what you class as news . But the best bits are the readers comments they read out.

I my self have emailed them a couple of articles in my local Bristol newspaper.

Take a listen you won't be disappointed. I recommend you start with their first podcast and work your way through as some stories they talk about may link to previous articles reviewed.

They can be found on their web site

On iTunes (there is also a link to iTunes on their web site)

If you want to email them with your local news story links, then email them HERE

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