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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Dodo do

On one of my usual free wargame rules hunt, on the web I stumbled upon Turkey Shoot -  found here.
Sounded like a great little game and could fill a few minutes of solo wargaming (yes I have no friends).

After I read the rules I started to think about miniatures I would need to play it.
Getting hold of these could be difficult. Could not find a miniature 25-28 mm turkey any where.  OK how about changing the animal to say a boar? The best place to look for obscure animals and other creatures is Black Cat Bases.  Would you believe it found this

 - Click here - A Dodo, in fact 2 one standing and another running (could dodo's run?).
This find would put a whole new spin on the background of these rules.

Instead of a Turkey a Dodo and instead of a  'Pilgrim' a pirate/man-o-war,merchant ship crewman.  I've loads of crewman from my pirate collection which would do nicely.

So the story is now a crewman of a a ship anchored within an island bay in Mauritius- home of the dodo, background info Here. Goes inland to do a spot of dodo hunting for his ships Captain.  I know dodo's were flightless but left Flight reaction in as could not be bothered to change it!

Now it's OK as a solo  game but what if someone wants to join in?
Well you could easily make a co-op type game.  Here are some Ideas;

Simple co-op  -  Have 2 Dodos.

For a more aggressive and challenging co-op could have the following;

2 crewmen with 2 Dodos.
2 crewmen  but only 1 Dodo.

Some interesting rewards could instill a bit of competitiveness;

Crew member who brings back a Dodo = 1 gold coin

Crew member who fails brings back a Dodo = swabs the deck

Neither crew member who brings back a Dodo = The whip

Crew member who brings back a Dodo, but other crew member mysteriously disappears! = Hanged for murder.

Now as musket fire is going off in all directions someone and not just the Dodo can get hurt!

If crew member in line of site in front of Dodo, he may take a hit see shooting in the rules.  Also if a shot at the Turkey misses and a crew member is in line of site, again use shooting in the rules. Use chart below.

Crewman Hit Results Table

-1 Off dieroll if moved last turn
+1to die roll if standing/reloading musket


Wound -movement reduced by 2” each time  
 2nd Wound crewman retires to ship
3rdwound dead

These rules and this scenario as well as being a stand alone game, could also be used during a pirate campaign.

Download PDF version of add-on rules HERE.  Can be cut out and glued to page 2 right hand side of original rules.

Some photos of a recent game.

First mate Sam tries to sneak up on his pray.

It's turned into a free for all!

"It's getting away"

Dodo makes it's escape off the table.


Spooked Dodo charges Sam and ploughs straight into him.

'One eyed' Pete takes a pot shot at the Dodo, this could go terribly wrong for Sam if the shot misses!

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  1. Wonderful, I must have to have a go at this myself; thank you so much for your adaptation. I've got some of these Dodos and they do take paint really well, my efforts can be found here: