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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Black West Too - Old West Rules

For some time now I have been looking for a set of rules to go with my figures.
Most of the rules use card systems either normal playing card or specifically made cards with pictures of the relevant figure on.
I wanted a set of rules with neither of these!

Eventual found some on the Internet, not to sure where though!
Have tried to find the original author but with no luck.  I wanted his approval to correct minor errors, clarify some parts and add to the rules.  If you read this Arthur Hannan please leave me a comment.

Have play tested a couple of times.  A simple to run, fun game, with lots of laughs and surprises, especially where snake oil is involved!

Anyway here they are, have a go.

CLICK to go to rules


  1. Hey. i just found this blog by accident. i am arthur hannan. i have recently revamped some of the more minor errors and wordings of things in the 2012 edition :) i AM so glad you like them as i dont get a lot of feedback. i would love to discuss them further with you.

    Kind Regards
    Arthur Hannan

  2. Sorry I havn't replied sooner. I you want to email me my email is on my profile page. Have you read through the updated version? Did you want me to remove or change anything?