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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I am the king of the ring!

A couple of years ago at Reveille we had a space for a small, very small game, so I decided to have a go.  This being my first solo attempt to put on a participation game, in fact any game!

I needed something quick and easy to learn (to keep the kids happy) and again emphasis on small - you get the theme?

I decided to trawl one of my favourite sites for inspiration and came up trumps again.

Here I found Kings of the Ring! It's a simple game with a board divided up into squares. The idea is to move and fight with your figure using a deck of playing cards. The player who looses all 10 endurance tokens is knocked-out.  The combination of suit and colour determines the direction of movement and punches.

With the rules you get a ready to print-out board.  But looking at some of the home-made boards in the rules pages I decided to build my own.

This was achieved with a hardboard base, lots of balsa wood and a whole tube of ready mixed masonry filler - you know the one?!

The symbol reminder from the rules was printed out and laminated, one for each contestant.  As well as these I gathered together some poker chips brought from a local £1 shop, to be used as endurance tokens and a handful of fantasy miniatures, without weapons of course - play fare!  I decided on a fantasy theme as most wargamers have the odd figure lying around.

After paining the board I added a couple of specific details.  The first being the water transfers of crossed swords in the centre of the board.  This is to donate 'The Kings Square' used in the additional rules.  The next was a barrel of tomatoes for the rotten tomatoes rule - purely for artistic reasons.

I have also been working on my own additional rules as follows:

Over the ropes

If a fighter is pushed and is next to the rope/corner and fails to parry it then he is thrown from the ring and misses 2 turns.  He can then re-enter the ring on ANY free space adjacent to the rope.

The free rules can be found here.

Here are some pics.

Game layout

One of the symbol reminders

Tough guys only!

Old Bones v Mad Paddy

In the background the fight promoter guarding the chest of money for the winner
& in the foreground the road for the long walk for the looser (if still able to walk that is).

Has any of the fighters moved in the last 10 mins?

In the top right - glamorous girl holding up final round board. 
May use her in another additional rule I'm working on. 

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