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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Quick and slightly cheating adobe walls

I have an ongoing project of a Mexican/South western town for my 28mm old west figures. I am slowly building the town bit by bit, buying the odd building here and there.

When placed for gaming something was missing. It just appears all a bit open.  So I decided it needed some walls.

First I thought about making some.  Unfortunately I do not have the time, space or an understanding wife to be able to have an ongoing workshop!  So decided to buy some. The only ones I could find at the time were online and with adding postage it all started to look a bit pricey!!!

Then in my local railway model shop I found some Jarvis sandstone garden walls.  I then remembered that on one of the classic spaghetti westerns I had seen similar shaped walls.  Presumably made from mud bricks and white washed.

I brought 6 walls at £1.35 a piece.

Original Jarvis sandstone garden wall

The first thing was to give them a heavy dry brush of white, leaving the original sandstone colour in the cracks.

OK simple job done.

Now Jarvis scenic pieces always come with their trademark static grass on and sometimes all over them!
Not good for a desert western type setting.

The way I got around this was to apply a liberal coating of PVA glue over the static grass then sprinkle sand over the glue.

Once dried I painted with a sand colour and dry brushed with a cream/bone colour, as above.

I decided to add some lichen, to look like dry scrub.  Also found a couple of wooden wheels and a jug to liven up some of the walls with.

Now my gang of despicable desperadoes have something to hide behind, climb over, or stumble into!

Unfortunately this little job is not quite finished as Jarvis do some broken sandstone wall sections, which my local railway model shop had run out off.  Once re stocked, I will purchase a couple and put them through the same treatment, to add a bit of variety.

Once all the walls are done I will post some pictures of them with the rest of my small town.

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  1. Nice job! I'm far too mean to buy anything with a fine finish, when I can do it myself! I'll be back to see how thngs develop.