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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Here Goes!

Due to lack of funds and there is just so much I need to buy.  I decided to venture into the world of eBay selling.
Yes slightly confusing at first, but I muddled through.
Ok so what am I selling? Well having read that an old Citadel/GW minature sold for around £100. I suddenly, in the dim, dark recesses of my memory seeing such an item. After much searching,pilling up of boxes to get to the one box I needed (at the bottom). I found it!
A couple of drunken Dwarfs

Here they are on eBay:

Another seller has the same miniature for £130! 
As I need the cash and don't think I'll get that much got it, decided to put it on for much less as a buy now. Have also put it under auction as well.  We'll see what happens. Have already marked what I want to buy with the funds!!
Now where's that Dwarf bugmans cart I have.

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