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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Moo good to just throw away

After eating a frozen yogurt (an acquired taste) I was left with this flexible but quite sturdy plastic top.

Penny for size (yes I know dear I haven't made the bed yet this morning!)
 Now much to my Wife's continued annoyance I'm never one to throw things away.  With the inspirational though of "ah I could use this for ............ ".

So here's the dilemma and challenge for all you keen wargames terrain bloggers. What the hell could I do with it?

Answers on a post card or just add your suggestions in the comment box.

By the way nothing that involves an excess amount of discomfort and K - Y jelly will be excepted.


  1. It is definitely a ready made, recycled 1-3 seater flying saucer! Have fun!

  2. I'm thinking an ornamental koi carp pond for some stylish Samurai skirmishing!

  3. Similar to Michael, my first thought was about water: a city fountain: put a miniature in the center, painted like stone the cup top like stone, fill with water effect.