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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Support you local sheriff, sorry shop

A plug for my local independent game store in Bristol UK.
With genuine friendly and approachable staff.  They also have their own shop cat *


Has a none updated website.  Best to catch-up with them on their facebook page.  CLICK HERE

What do they sale?

New and second hand;

card games
figure - mainly Games workshop, but also some others
graphic novels/comics

If they haven't got it they can try and get it.

Where are they?
 Location and contact details -   CLICK HERE

Why should we use independent shops?

Mainly one word,  variety

Ok so the prices of say card/boardgames maybe more expensive than on line shops.  But usually only by a couple of pounds (under the RRP) and hey, no wait, just take it home and play.

Figures are about the same price as on line, certainly cheaper than a well known high street shop (will not even advertise their name, damn already have!).

Also like area 51 you may pick up a second hand bargain in both figures and games.

Don't be one of the 'drones', try your independent game store today.

* Please note your independent game store may not have one of these.

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